Global Metal Resources uses only the most High Quality Processing Lines across the U.S. to provide our customers with Great Service at competitive pricing. Our Processing lines must meet or exceed the Quality Guidelines established for Color Control, Flatness Control, Adhesion Testing, & Physical Properties Testing. Give us a try, you won't be disappointed.
Paint-Line Capabilities
 Material/Capacity 43" Paint Line Min Production Runs
 Aluminum              .010" - .063" 3000lbs
 Steel                        .010" - .035" 3500lbs to 5000lbs   
 Stainless                 .010" - .030" 3500lbs to 5000lbs   
 Entry/Exit I.D         16" or 20"
 Max coil weight     20,000 lbs.

Material/Capacity 52" Paint Line Min Production Runs
Aluminum              .030" - .063" 8000lbs 
Steel                        .014" - .035" 15,000lbs 
Stainless                 .014" - .030" 15,000lbs 
Entry/Exit I.D          20"
Max coil weight      20,000 lbs.

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With over 30 years in experience you can be assured that our quality is second to none. Our Paint-lines continued testing of the quality of the Product all during the Painting Process. Allows our customers peace of mind in the Products we supply. Customer Satisfaction is our Top Priority.
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