We can Custom Coil Coat a variety of different Paint Systems including:

** Kynar/PVDF
** Hi-Build Kynar
** Coastal Hi-Build Kynars
** SMP
** Polyesters
** Acrylics

We can also do most Color Matchs with 3-5 Business Days.

Our customers enjoy the ability to get Custom Coil Coated with short lead-times and small to medium production runs. 

We carry most Base Gauges in both Aluminum & Steel on the floor. This enables us to provide our customers with excellent service.

Partnering with our customers to save money. We do this by helping our customers reduce cost. Providing Custom Coil Coated Products that is on time and is less expensive than Powder Coating. Custom Coil Coated Products also removes any enviromental concerns that our customers have trying to Paint the material at their location.

We can service most Industries Including:
Appliance & Automotive
Building Products -Siding, Roofing, Decking, Awnings & Gutters
Doors: Entry, Screen, Roll-up, Garage, 
Interior: Light Fixtures, Window Frames
Any Many More!
Global Metal Resources, Inc. 
4112 Magnolia Ridge Dr.
Melissa, TX. 75454
PH: 562-879-6123    Fax: 972-540-1066
EMAIL: robert.jerls@gmail.com 
Global Metal Resources, Inc. 
P.O. Box 8004
La Crescenta, CA. 91224
PH: 562-879-6123    Fax: 972-540-1066
EMAIL: robert.jerls@gmail.com