R & W Metals is proud to be a Partner with one of the most Technically Advanced Protective Film Manufactors around. Their continued advancements in their        R & D Departments insures that our customers are getting the best Products Money can buy. Our Protective Films are a Solvent Based and Provide Protection even in the Severe Conditions. Please review our Video Below.
R & W Metals offers a wide variety of pressure sensitive papers and films. Our state of the Art Production Capabilties offers our customers a complete line of products to insure proper protection during Manufacturing and Delivery process.
No matter what your application is we have the solution. Whether its Aerospace, Automotive, Coated & Uncoated Metals, Plastics, Electronics, Construction, Window and Door Profiles or Decorative Laminates, ETC! Our Products will work for you.
R & W Metals is proud to offer an exclusive class 10,000 Clean Room Production Facility for your most Technically Challenging Projects. Whether its LCD, Specially Coated Plastics or Glass or Home Electronics. Our Clean Room Products are Suitable for the most Demanding Jobs.  If your tired of your Protective Film costing you money and frustration. Give us a Call or Email us, we would love to give you a Quote.
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