Global Metal Resources continues to lead the way in providing our customers Great Products at Great Pricing. For those customers who purchase Painted Products by the Truckload we have some of the best pricing in the market. We offer many types of programs that fit our customers needs. Our quality is second to none. Please give us a call or send us an email and we will do our best to save you money.

1. Service Coating 
2. Chemical Pretreatment 
3. 55% Al-Zn / Zn Coating 
4. Cold Rolled Strip 
5. 55% Al-Zn / Zn Coating 
6. Chemical Pretreatment 
7. Primer Coating 
8. Finish Coating 

Paint Systems Offered
Standard Polyester                       PVDF/Kynar
Coastal PVDF-Kynar             Silicon Modified Polyester 
All Paint Systems can be Made into Cool Roof Products
Standard Service Backer            Epoxy Backer
Bring your imagination to life. We can Color match almost any color under the Rainbow. Let our 30 years of Technical know how work for you. Give us a Call or Email us.
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PH: 562-879-6123    Fax: 972-540-1066